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Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time, and ridding the world of fossil fuels is a responsibility that each one of us shares. Senior Europe plays a pivotal role in electrifying society by delivering critical components to the batteries that power the future.

While we enable other industries’ green transition, we are continuously working on reducing our own climate impact as well as always striving to conduct a responsible business and being a responsible employer.

Our framework

Our sustainability framework is closely linked to our overall business objectives — delivering world class separator film to enable the electrification of society. To guide our work on sustainability we have identified four focus areas.

Responsible business

For us, conducting a responsible business is based on trust, transparency, and integrity with zero-tolerance for corruption. We have signed the UN Global Compact and our Code of Conduct guides our daily operations, ensuring that we act with integrity and do the right thing in every situation.

Environmental protection and climate impact

Our aim is to achieve carbon neutral production by 2030 and we are constantly working to increase resource efficiency and ensure that we can produce more with less. This will be critical as we intend to increase our production capacity significantly over the coming years. We are working according to the GHG protocol.

Responsible products

Our separator film is an enabler for green transition across industries, contributing to the sustainable development of society. We actively work to reduce the impact of our product and manufacturing process.

Currently, we are completing a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of our separator film. The result will help us identify our most prioritized development areas as well as provide necessary information for our R&D process in order to improve both performance and climate footprint of our products.

Responsible employer

Our team is our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to create a work environment where everyone feels valued, welcome, and safe. Diversity and inclusion are a natural part of our work environment, as we have a multicultural workforce where we learn form each other and develop together. It is crucial for us to be a responsible employer where our employees are motivated and offered continuous development opportunities.

A local player

Eskilstuna, Sweden, is our first European home — and Senior will play an active role in the local community. We are collaborating with several actors to deliver trainee programs as well as developing educational projects.

  • Snabbspår: Together with Eskilstuna Municipality, we are developing a Higher Vocational Education program.
  • Rinmans Science College: We are developing a program for the industrial program in a local high school.
  • Green tech program: We offer a trainee program for university students, providing the opportunity to work at Senior for 6 months with great prospect for employment after completion.
  • Female Tech Engineer: We are a partner in a trainee program for female and non-binary university students, providing development opportunities within tech.

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Sustainable goals in our daily work

We are dedicated to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. We have chosen to focus on the goals that are important to us and where we can make the most impact.

Our sustainability framework with targets are connected to the identified areas with actions and indicators for measurement, to ensure that we achieve our goals. These are the overall objectives and focus areas of this framework. We follow-up our progress every year and publish this in our sustainability report.

1. Responsible Business

Responsible business based on trust, transparency, integrity and no tolerance for corruption is central in all our activities and a foundation for our sustainability work

  • Ensure ethical behaviour among all employees and the board
  • Make sure our material suppliers have ethical standards and processes consistent with Senior’s standard
  • Ensure that Senior is known as a transparent company in reporting

E_SDG_Icons-08 E_SDG_Icons-12

2. Environmental protection
and climate change

Reduce our impact on the environment and climate across our activities by acting with environmental responsibility

  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain
  • Reduce resource use throughout the supply chain​
  • Increase recycling in our material usage and in waste handling







3. Responsible products

Enable better energy systems and climate reduction by delivering sustainable products

  • Reduce our product environmental footprint in carbon & material usage
  • Increase responsibility for sustainability in research and development of our products
  • Build a production unit with low environmental impact


4. Responsibility for our

The best and most passionate employees working together for a sustainable future where development, inclusion and culture are essential. We want to be One Senior Team.

  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace with no workplace accidents or work-related illnesses.
  • Make sure our employees experience opportunities for development and are satisfied and proud of working at Senior
  • Assure gender equality and employees experience Senior as a diverse and inclusive workplace


United Nation Global Compact

We have also signed the United Nation Global Compact and use EcoVadis for our Sustainability Rating.

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