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Code of conduct

Code of conduct for employees

Senior Material Europe is committed to being a responsible employer, where the business is managed with respect and takes human rights, human health and safety and the environment into account. We are one other’s work environment and our activities must demonstrate responsible behaviour towards one other. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to create a good work environment and clarify what expectations there are, as well as the responsibility of each employee. This Code of Conduct applies to all employees who work for Senior Material Europe or perform assignments on our behalf. Senior Material Europe supports the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Ten Principles developed within the framework of the UN Global Compact and the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO’s) Eight Fundamental Conventions. Furthermore, we must respect the applicable legislation regardless of where the business is run. The content of this Code of Conduct is based on these principles and goals and clarifies what all employees can expect from their colleagues.

Our approach

Each employee has a personal responsibility to understand and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct and our policies. All managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are familiar with these documents. The Code of Conduct shall be complied with by all employees and consultants in accordance with the following principles:

  • We always prioritize safety first.
  • We lead by example and have a professional attitude in meetings and communication with colleagues and external parties.
  • We treat all colleagues and other partners with respect and consideration, regardless of age, gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnic origin, religion or other faith, social background, political opinion, union affiliation, disability, sexual orientation or health status.
  • We contribute to a positive atmosphere in the workplace and work actively to ensure a good work environment.
  • We are aware that discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment and discriminatory treatment may result in disciplinary action and, in extreme cases, the filing of a police report and/or termination of employment or assignments at Senior Material Europe.
  • We value diversity and promote fair treatment and equal terms in recruitment, wage fixing, further training and promotion of employees regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnic origin, religion or other belief, social background, political opinion, union affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, health status or age.
  • We comply with applicable legislation and agreements regarding minimum age, working hours, breaks, leave, pay and benefits. We recognise and respect the right of all employees to freedom of association and applicable collective agreements.
  • We support occupational health and safety management by acting in accordance with our health and safety policy and following the instructions and procedures in place at the workplace, as well as reporting risks and incidents that have occurred.
  • We respect that the immediate supervisor as an employer is responsible for managing and allocating work for their employees based on the conditions at our workplace.
  • We shall at no time give, promise, offer, request or accept compensation or benefits that are contrary to applicable legislation and good business practice or that may affect, or be perceived to affect, the objectivity of decisions.
  • We contribute to reducing negative environmental impact by acting in accordance with our environmental policy and complying with applicable environmental legislation, regulatory requirements and the instructions and procedures in place at the workplace.
  • We are handling personal data according to our privacy policy.
  • During the employment period, we commit ourselves not to professionally, without prior written consent from Senior Material Europe, engage in activities in any form or of any kind that can be assumed to compete directly or indirectly with the activities that Senior Material Europe conducts. The relationship between each employee and Senior Material Europe is based on mutual loyalty and mutual trust.
  • We commit ourselves not to disclose to outsiders or use for ourselves, other than in Senior Material Europe’s operations, confidential information about Senior Material Europe’s ideas, methods, products, services, product development, employees, customers, suppliers, price information and other information that may be protected by the Act on Trade Secrets. If we leave employment, all confidential material, including reports and documents, must be returned to Senior Material Europe.
  • We act by immediately reporting to our immediate supervisor, HR, health and safety officer or trade union representative if we notice anything that is not right or violates our Code of Conduct.

Senior Material Europe also has a Code of Conduct for Suppliers that applies to all business relationships between Senior Material Europe and our suppliers. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers clarifies our core principles and our expectations of suppliers, contractors and other business partners.