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Quality policy

Senior Material Europe AB are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services and products. We intend to be a positive force in society, and drive change and new energy systems through electrification that is cost-effective and sustainable in phasing out fossil fuels. We want to achieve this by working closely alongside customers in creating new solutions, processes and materials that help increase the batteries’ service life, safety, and reliability. We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding industry standards and regulations, while continuously improving our products and processes to ensure customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing the safety of our products and protecting the environment through sustainable practices. This policy applies to all employees who work for Senior Material Europe or perform assignments on our behalf, as well as our suppliers.


  • high-performing, safe, and reliable products.
  • We shall have satisfied customers.

Our approach

In order to achieve our quality objective for our customers, we implement the following approach:

  • The organization is conducted in accordance with applicable laws, requirements, permits and directives.
  • Our products must be produced in a sustainable manner, taking account of people, the environment and the economy, and based on the customer’s needs.
  • Quality shall be an integral part of our day-to-day operations, and quality assurance a matter of course.
  • We shall continuously improve the quality of products through ongoing research and development, following up and reporting transparently.
  • We impose the same requirements on our suppliers, contractors, consultants and other partners as we do on ourselves.
  • We shall listen to our stakeholders and take their opinions into account with the aim of constantly improving our quality work.
  • We have a responsible and quality-conscious leadership, in which we strive to continuously develop the expertise of our company through continuous training and development.
  • All employees shall be informed about our quality policy and where it is available in order to act in accordance with it.
  • We shall continuously review the policy and objectives to ensure they are relevant and up to date.