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Within one generation, we must rid our societies of fossil fuels. The technologies of the past simply cannot power the future. Electrification is key for creating green societies, and electrification requires batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries have made it possible to store and save clean energy. We make batteries work, and we make electrification safe.

There’s a world of energy out there. It’s infinite. It’s unstoppable. But it’s constantly running out. Let’s make it last. Our state-of-the-art separator film makes lithium-ion batteries work, by ensuring a safe and reliable flow of energy, powering most things that matter.

An enabler for electrification


Senior is a world-leading provider of separator film for the lithium-ion battery industry. Our cutting-edge technology ensures a safe and reliable flow of energy in the batteries that power most things that matter. From day-to-day appliances – be it the electric toothbrush you use every day or the smartphone you can’t live without – to the ground-breaking solutions electrifying the entire transport sector and enabling intermittent energy storage.

We pride ourselves in being an enabler for electrification. Separator film is the critical component that makes all the difference.

Eskilstuna – our first
European home


Northern Europe has an energy system rich in fossil-free electricity and a strong industrial heritage. This, combined with a widely developed battery industry, makes Sweden and Eskilstuna the perfect location for Senior Europe.

We are committed to building a strong local base, where our expertise and technological know-how can provide the finest seperator film to a fast-growing list of European and global battery manufacturers. We will do this with speed, at scale.

Our first factory in Eskilstuna is already operational. Our second is under construction and expected to open in 2026. Now, we are exploring and evaluating additional locations in Europe for a third site.



600 million sqm =
600 000 EV batteries


1 400 million sqm =
1 400 000 EV batteries


3 000 million sqm =
3 000 000 EV batteries


3 800 million sqm =
3 800 000 EV batteries

Senior Europe
in numbers

  • 600 +

    Employees by 2026

  • 4

    factories in Europe by 2028 – the first two are already under construction in Eskilstuna

  • 3.8 m

    EV batteries will have our separator film by 2030

  • 2

    R&D Centers in Europe, and major R&D centers in Senior Group

Leveraging decades of experience and technological know-how

Senior Europe is a subsidiary of Senior Group. For more than two decades, Senior Group has been a global force in the shift towards sustainable energy solutions. Specializing in research, development, and production of advanced separator film for lithium-ion batteries, Senior Group plays a critical role in the ever-evolving landscape of battery technology.

In 2021, Senior Europe embarked on a journey to establish factories and state-of-the-art R&D facilities in Sweden – taking the latest technologies and innovations from the ‘Silicon Valley of China’ to the center of European electrification.

We are proud to be based in Eskilstuna, to bring our expertise to Europe, and to build a resilient and localized battery value-chain across the continent, paving the way for an electric future.

Senior Europe Career

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We are looking for engineers, process operators, mechanics, quality technicians and other specialists. Join us in our mission to make energy last.

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