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Let’s have a talk with Lars!
From the ice cream factory to the slurry department. Lars Strömberg took the step from being operations manager at a large ice cream company to becoming First Line Manager at Senior. Now he is responsible for ensuring the correct surface coating on the separator film in the slurry and coating department.

You joined Senior almost 2 years ago, what was your first impression when you joined?
What struck me first was the very good atmosphere at Senior. There have been and still are language and cultural differences, but I see these only as positives and strengths. We have discovered effective ways of communication and are actively blending the best parts of our diverse cultures. I also think that the drive for development that exists here is outstanding.

We have discovered effective ways of communication and are actively blending the best parts of our diverse cultures”.

Could you describe what a typical day looks like for you as a first line manager?
The position I have includes both being out in production working closely with our production team as well as administrative tasks and, of course, meetings.
No two days are really the same, which is a lot of fun!

You are responsible for the process operators, what key role do they play for Senior
I make sure to involve our operators in the development process and have regular discussions about our plans and methods. For me, the operators are the heart of Senior. They’re the ones running the machines and know what works best. That’s why their input is essential when we’re setting up our factory processes.

When Senior’s new fabric is fully completed in 2025, it should be able to produce 600 million m² of separator film for lithium-ion batteries annually, which corresponds to a demand of 60 Gwh or approximately 550,000 electric vehicles. What is it like to be part of such a development?
It is very stimulating to be part of this process and feel that we are contributing to a greener future. Our rapid expansion naturally brings challenges, but through an incredibly fine collaboration, we will solve this gallantly.

Finally, what’s something you’ve accomplished as part of your time at Senior that you’re proud of?
Together we have certified ourselves against, among other things, ISO 9000 and ISO 14001. It is a good step in the right direction in our journey forward and we are doing this together in a very good way.