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Female Technical Engineer is a program for female engineers at the end of their education with the aim of more women working in technology-heavy companies.

We are very happy to announce that Senior Europe is a partner company in the program!

The program offers personal development, inspiration and unique contacts with the partner companies.

Read more about the program and connect.

Follow our journey!

What happens in the program? We will of course share our journey with you!

  • v. 51 instagram Take Over – Employees show their everyday life and their image of Senior Europe.
  • 30 January Inspiration Day – A full day where participants and partner companies meet to connect and inspire each other.
  • 31 January Partner visit – Customized visit where participants gain a deeper understanding of Senior Europe’s operations.
  • March 4 Pitch day – Senior Europe, together with the other partner companies, attends and listens to the finalists who are up for the “Female Tech Engineer of the Year” award.
  • March 6 – Gala where the year’s Female Tech Engineer is selected.