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Our state-of-the-art separator film technology ensures a safe and reliable flow of energy in any lithium-ion battery, powering most things that matter. From day-to-day appliances – be it a laptop, smartwatch, scooter or the smartphone you can’t live without – to batteries enabling the electrification of transport or storing intermittent renewable energy.

The separator film is a key component in a lithium-ion battery. It insulates the battery’s anode and cathode from each other and prevents short circuits and overheating while still allowing the ions to be transported between the electrodes. The quality and design of the separator affects the battery’s capacity, life cycle – and not least its safety.

We pride ourselves in being an enabler of electrification. Producing the finest film, making all the difference.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes

Our product portfolio contains separator film manufactured through the dry and wet processes, together with coated separators. Our separator films are used in any lithium-ion-battery powering everything from consumer electronics to electric vehicles. With over 20 years of process innovation, we are able to manufacture the finest separator film of 5 micrometers in thickness in mass production, and single ultra-thin coating layer down to 0,2 micrometer.


Dry process

During the dry process, polymers are melted and stretched in one direction. This gives high mechanical strength for a low cost, and the separator can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Dry produced separators have a more uniform pore structure than those manufactured through the wet process.


Wet process

Separator film produced with the wet process is stretched in two directions and develops excellent mechanical strength, together with low resistance. Wet produced separators can offer higher energy density, strength and safety for the lithium-ion battery.


Coated seperators

The seperator film can have one or more coated layers to add more functionality, such as increased heat resistance, improved long-term cyclability and safety features. The functionality can be amended depending on what our customers are looking for to fit their manufacturing process and deliver their desired battery performance. Our technology provides thermal stability and counteracts self-discharge.

We make electrification safe.