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As Chemical engineer at Senior Europe in Eskilstuna, Sweden, Yawen Liu is at the frontlines of our new factory being built. We got the chance to catch up with Yawen, as she shared some insights on her day-to-day tasks and the unique challenges of working with the building of factory 2.

You joined Senior over 6 months ago, what was your first impression when you joined?

When I joined Senior, I was immediately captivated by the company’s rich history and commitment to innovation. Senior has been at the forefront of the global lithium battery separator industry, driven by a spirit of innovation and a mission to create new life through their flagship product, the separator.

Could you describe what a typical day looks like for you as a Chemical Engineer at Senior Europe?

As a Chemical Engineer at Senior Europe, my typical day involves actively contributing to the construction and development of our cutting-edge separator factory. At currently stage, I mainly focus on safety compliance in our chemical system, involves implementing and maintaining measures from our early design stage to ensure a secure and healthy working environment for everyone involved. The primary goal is to prevent accidents, minimize risks, and protect the well-being of personnel, the community, and the environment. I ensure seamless international collaboration, drawing on the advanced experience gained from participating in cooperation projects with international teams.

“The site of the new factory is currently a hub of innovation and progress”

What does the site of the new factory look like at the moment? Are there any exciting developments or technological achievements that you would like to highlight?

The site of the new factory is currently a hub of innovation and progress. Our factory construction is well underway, with smooth progress in both design work and the procurement of state-of-the-art equipment. We are on the verge of introducing the world’s finest separator production equipment, coupled with the advanced separator production technology from our parent company. We believe that this synergy is poised to bring significant breakthroughs to the separator field in Sweden and even throughout Europe, providing substantial impetus for further advancements in the field of lithium batteries.

What do you think will be the main benefits for both the company and the industry when the new factory is fully operational?

Senior Europe will establish itself as a leader in separator manufacturing, ensuring the highest quality products for new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, energy storage power stations, and aerospace applications. The industry will benefit from the continued innovation and advancements set by Senior, pushing boundaries and elevating standards globally.

Finally, what’s something you’ve accomplished as part of your time at Senior that you’re really proud of?

I take pride in a notable achievement during my time at Senior, specifically my role in the chemical system design and management project. Through effective communication and collaboration, I have played a crucial role in maintaining the project’s seamless progression, in line with Senior’s dedication to efficiency and excellence. It’s rewarding to be part of an organization that consistently strives for excellence and contributes significantly to the advancement of the chemical engineering industry.