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Senior Material and Beijing Yucheng Technology have reached a strategic cooperation agreement

We are very happy to announce that Senior Group has signed an co-operation agreement for PI coating!

Recently, Senior Material and Beijing Yucheng Technology Co., Ltd. have reached a consensus on deepening cooperation in the field of safer lithium-ion battery separators. We have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the industrialization and market promotion of polyimide-coating lithium battery separators.

It is understood that the polyimide-coating separator products developed by Beijing Yucheng Technology Co., Ltd. have advantages such as ultra-high heat resistance, high breadk-down voltage resistance, ultra-high melt-down temperature, and excellent wettability. These advantages can significantly enhance battery performance and meet the requirements of various application scenarios, making them highly competitive in the market.

Senior Material will leverage our leading position in the industry, as well as our years of experience in industrialization and market resources, to complement each other’s strengths through strong collaboration with Beijing Yucheng Technology Co., Ltd.

The achievement of this strategic cooperation is the result of a year-long technical exchange and discussion between the two teams, marking a new starting point for win-win cooperation between us. In the future, Senior Material and Beijing Yucheng Technology Co., Ltd. will leverage our respective technological advantages to contribute to the innovation and development of the lithium battery industry, leading the industry forward.