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Filip’s Internship Journey: Insights and Experiences at Senior

We’ve had the pleasure of having Filip with us in the HR department at Senior for the past eight weeks, and his presence has truly made an impact. Filip is a student at Karlstad University, where he studies Human resource management and working life.
We took the opportunity to talk with Filip about his experiences and lessons learned during his internship with us. Here, he shares his insights and what motivated him to choose Senior Material for his internship.

Why did you choose to do your internship at Senior?
I applied to Senior because of my interest in international companies. Besides the company’s global impact, I see a very promising future for Senior as it is part of an exciting and dynamic development.

What has been the most memorable experience for you during your internship with us in the HR department at Senior Material?
My first day. Julia and I had onboarding with international colleagues. It struck me that many employees have travelled from different parts of the world to work here. The work becomes so much more enjoyable and efficient, but also complex due to such diversity, which was super fun to embrace as an intern.

What skills or insights have you gained during your internship with us that you believe will be particularly valuable for your future? Can you summarize your learnings?
I have learned more than I ever imagined! From coordinating with fantastic colleagues, interviewing and participating in recruitments to gaining greater insight into quality assurance, which are incredibly important in the company. I leave the internship as a better version of myself, which is the whole point, right?

What would you say to other students considering an internship in the HR field in general?
In my opinion, this is the best 15-credit course that students in the PA program from Karlstad can choose. A big recommendation to all students is to do an internship. Who knows, maybe you will get the opportunity of working with a fantastic HR team like the one at Senior. It’s priceless!